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About Us
While we may be one of many companies producing giclée reproduction maps and prints, there is something special that sets us apart; our years of experience with original material. Our primary profession is dealing with authentic, antique maps and prints. The majority of our images are of the very same maps we've owned at one time or another. As a result we have great knowledge and experience with regards to understanding the history of these maps as well as matching our reproductions to the originals.
For years, people have marveled over our original material, asking if we could make them prints at a fraction of the cost of the originals. Eventually we gave in and the Vintage Map Shop, Inc. was born. You will not find any original maps on our site, only reproductions. However, if you are ever interested in owning the an original work, just let us know through our contact page and we will direct you to our website for the originals.
About Our Reproductions
All of our prints are made from high resolution scans of original maps, the majority of which we owned at some point in time. Since we also deal in original maps through a separate company, we are well versed in how our facsimile prints are supposed to appear. While elements of age such as foxing, offsetting, and pigment oxidation have been left untouched, we've spent hours digitally restoring foreign imperfections, some of which include stains, paper tears, and writing that is not contemporaneous with the piece.
All of our map reproductions are giclée quality prints on premium archival matte paper. This heavyweight paper is smooth to the touch, neutral-white, acid-free for a longer print life and features an instant-dry coating that resists fingerprints and smudging. Our printer operates with a twelve color spectrum and creates scratch resistant prints that displays smooth color gradations and an improved color density detection. The combination of our archival paper, advanced printing technology and our years of experience with original material produces a superior quality product that is sure to please.
Contact Us
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