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Irlandiae Accurata Descriptio, Auctore Baptist Boazio

1609 Irlandiae Accurata Descriptio, Auctore Baptist Boazio

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By: Abraham Ortelius / Joannes Baptista Vrientes
Date: 1609 (Published) Antwerp
Original Size: 17.25 x 22.5 inches (44 cm x 57 cm)
This Vintage Map Shop reproduction is a striking example of the Ortelius / Vrients edition of Baptista Boazio’s remarkable map of 1599. The map is oriented with north to the right, and depicts Ireland in its entirety.
Depicted are the already then extant provinces of Ulster, Connaught, Leinster and Muster, with counties delineated by dotted boundary lines. The vibrancy of the map is due in part to its depictions of geophysical features, including forests, mountain, all rivers and waterways, cities, towns, settlements and ports. Major landowners are denoted, and the map includes a table in the lower left quadrant which facilitates the understanding of place names such as Caputfamiliae, or head of the family while Mc before a name indicates a region dominated by one related family.
Monsters of fabulous design embellish the seas, as do magnificent frigates, one of them aflame, and a humble fisherman’s craft. The man in the small craft is waving a trident near the dedicatory cartouche. The map is further adorned with three additional strapwork cartouches.
Boazio’s map of Ireland was added by Vrients when he took over the publication of Ortelius’ work following the death of Ortelius. 
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