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1861 Nouvelle Carte Illustre de l'Europe

1861 Nouvelle Carte Illustre de l'Europe

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Nouvelle Carte Illustre de l'Europe Presentant les Grandes Divisions Physiques, la Distribution Geographique des Vegetaux et des Mineraux...

By: Alexandre Vuillemin

Date: 1861 (dated) Paris

Original Size: 24.5 x 33.5 inches (62.25 x 85 cm)

This is a fine print reproduction of an authentic, antique map of Europe by Alexandre Vuillem. The original map was published out of Paris and is dated 1861.

This original large format map is from the scarce nineteenth century atlas, Geographie Commerciale et Industrielle. The map is filled with an impressive array of information illustrating the physical and geographical divisions, shipping routes, roads and railways, and the plant and mineral distributions.

The 1860s were an extremely turbulent decade with numerous cultural, social, and political upheavals in Europe. Revolutions were prevalent in Germany and the Ottoman Empire. This map shows one of the major regions of production for the time, just before the "Second Industrial Revolution," or what is also known as the "Technological Revolution," where manufacturing through the aide of machine tools really began to take off.

The map is flanked with side panels containing numerous meticulously engraved vignettes representing the various commerce and industry of the different countries and regions.

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