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Colton’s Map of Kansas, Nebraska, Dakota & Indian Territory. By: Joseph Hutchins Colton Date: 1864

1864 Colton’s Map of Kansas, Nebraska, Dakota & Indian Territory.

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By: Joseph Hutchins Colton

Date: 1864 (Published) New York

Original Size: 17 x 27 inches (43.2 x 68.6 cm)

This is a fine print reproduction of a scarce Civil War era map of the US mid-continent was printed only from 1864 to 1866, with minor changes. The map covers the upper half of Texas, eastern half of Colorado and an unusually shaped Dakota, predating Wyoming and Montana.
In 1865 Montana was added to the map, and it was updated with additional counties. Rapid settlement and growth took place in this region during that period of time. The old Missouri Territory was remolded to become Nebraska Territory and Kansas Territory. In 1861, Kansas attained statehood, while the Nebraska Territory, lost two-thirds of its land to the newly created Dakota Territory, and the Territory of Colorado was created. Western parts of states along the Mississippi River are depicted demonstrating the considerable development which had already taken place there. Other areas which had experienced similar development were the eastern parts of Kansas and Nebraska, and eastern Texas.

The map is highly detailed, with rivers, lakes, routes of explorers, forts, settlements, towns and railroad lines. There are large Indian reservations depicted in the Indian territory,and many Indian nations are named in the location of their settlements, with most of Nebraska and Kansas still denoted as Indian lands. This is a scarce map which rarely appears on the market. Of particular interest is the graphic portrayal of the "Great Route to California and Oregon via South Pass," extending from Omaha to Fort Laramie and beyond.
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