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1943 Target Tokyo

1943 Target Tokyo

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By: F.E. Manning for the Army Orientation Course Special Division Army Service Forces
Date: 1943 (Published) Washington, DC
Original Size: 47 x 35.5 inches (119.4 cm x 90 cm)
This is a fine reproduction of a large, broadside map, formally entitled Newsmap. Monday, October 18, 1943, Vol. II No. 26. By F. E. Manning, it is one of the most iconic American WWII propaganda maps to have been published.
The focus of the map is a panoptic view of Tokyo, from which a series of concentric circles radiate, thus creating a target-like effect. The circles ever widen till they include much of the world. Unlike the map ‘Target Berlin’, which immediately preceded Allied airstrikes, no airstrikes followed the publishing of ‘Target Tokyo’ till November 1944. Said airstrikes continued till the capitulation of Japan on 15 August 1945. Printed below the map is a cut away distance scale with the following instructions.
This map is a photographic view of the world with the center at Tokyo. Thus with the detachable scale distances can be measured along any line running thru Tokyo. It should be noted that an inch at the center represents less mileage than an inch closer to the edges. The detachable scale has been designed to compensate for this and should be used only with the center on Tokyo. The photographic process used in making this map makes all distances measured with the tape approximate only. Distances are shown in statute miles. Lines between key cities do not represent regular air routes in all cases. They show distances between points that do not fall on a line going thru the center of the projection.
This was one of many ‘Newsmaps’ published weekly by a propaganda arm of the US War Department called ‘Army Orientation Course of the Special Service Division Army Service Forces’. The maps employed bold typesetting and dramatic imagery to relay the most recent war news. Few Newsmaps were as dramatic or had the impact as did 'Target Tokyo.' 
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