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1926 Family learning - Around the World Sugoroku Game and Map

1926 Family learning - Around the World Sugoroku Game and Map

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By: Osaka Mainichi

Date of Original: January 1, 1925 (circa) Japan

Original Size: 42 x 30.5 inches  (106.5 x 77.5 cm)

This is a fine print reproduction of a New Year's day Sugoroku game for kids from Osaka Mainichi. The original example was published on January 1st 1926.

Oriented with East with North to the left, the map presents people and activities from primarily the northern hemisphere. Interestingly, the map omits much of South America and Africa, but includes all of Australia and New Zealand. This is likely due to the lack of Japanese presence in Africa and South America during the late 1920s.

Some imagery and notations are expected, such as "Everest is the tallest mountain", "Sweden is the birthplace of skiing." Other famous sites include the pyramids of Egypt, the Eifel Tower, Taj Mahal, Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty, etc. A few more curious notations include Maki Yuko, the first to ascend the Canadian Rockies planting the Japanese flag atop the mountains and the "south pacific cannibal," and the city of Petrograd, renamed Leningrad.

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