Map Showing Isle of Pleasure by: H.J. Lawrence, 1931

1931 Map Showing Isle of Pleasure

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By: H.J. (Heinie) Lawrence

Date: 1931 (dated) Houston, Texas

Original Size: 20 x 17.5 inches

This is a fine print reproduction of a humorous Prohibition era pictorial map that illustrates the many vices that lay within the "Isle of Pleasure." The isle itself is in the shape of a human skull and is aptly names the "State of Inebriation," which is surrounded by the "Whiskey Strait," "Gulp Stream," and the "Prohibition Sea." 

The Prohibition Era of the United States ran from 1920 - 1933, in which a nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages, led to many unforeseen (if only by legislators) consequences including the distinct rise of organized crime across America. Gangs of all ethnic background and size played a role in one way or another in the smuggling, distribution, and sale of alcohol. 

Legal or not, Americans from coast to coast, of every economic class, and ethnic background wanted to drink and one way or another, they would find a way to do so. This map captures much of the 1920's lingo, drinks, speakeasies, and types of alcohol smuggled in and sold in a creative, geographic manner. This map is ideal for anyone with a bar or interest in prohibition and the roaring 20's. 

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