Vintage Map Print of Kentucky and Tennessee by Joseph H. Colton, 1856

1856 Kentucky and Tennessee

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By: Joseph H. Colton

Date of Original: 1856 (published) New York

Original Size: 14 x 17 inches (35.5 x 43.2 cm)

This is a fine print reproduction of a map of Kentucky and Tennessee, published by Joseph H. Colton out of New York in 1856. The map is color coded by county with townships also identified and shows railroads, common roads, rivers, canals, lakes, large towns and villages of the mid-19th century. Noteworthy towns such as Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis, Louisville, and Lexington can be found within the map.

At the time this map was printed, many Tennesseans had been moving out to Texas and the Western Frontier in search of a new star at life with ample land. Kentucky bordered the Ohio River which had been a highway of settlers and goods towards the Northwest Territory and the Western Frontier. These states would soon serve as a dividing line in the American Civil War as Tennessee would join the Confederacy and Kentucky would be known as a loyal slave state that for all intensive purposes would remain neutral.

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