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Vintage Map Print of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming by Warner & Beers, 1875

1875 County Map of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming

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By: Warner & Beers

Date of Original: 1875 (Published) Chicago

Original Size: 14.25 x 16.5 inches (36 cm x 42 cm)

This is a fine print reproduction of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming by Warner & Beers, published out of Chicago in 1875.

The map is color coded by county and includes a wealth of interesting historical content and cartographic detail. Much of this region had previously been part of a variety of territories including the Nebraska, Dakota, and Idaho territory. In this map it is show in its present-day configuration, but still with many large counties that will one day be divided up and reconfigured.

Interesting cartographic notes include the locations of several Native American tribes including the Crow, Snake, New Perce, and the hunting ground of the Black Feet and Assiniboins. The Central Pacific Railroad, which is part of the greater Union Pacific can be found running east - west from Dakota, through southern Wyoming, into Utah where the golden spike was hammered in Ogden, Utah. Other historical landmarks include Fremont's Pass, Lewis and Clarke's Pass, the gold mining town of Virginia City, a number of frontier military forts and outposts, and Yellowstone National Park, which was established just three years prior to the publication of this map. 

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