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Fine Print Reproduction - Vintage Sabena Air Travel Poster by: Calude Dohet, 1950
1950 Sabena Belgian Airlines
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1950 Sabena Belgian Airlines

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By: Claude Dohet

Date of Original: 1950 (Published) Belgium

Original Size: 36 x 22 inches (91.5 x 55.75 cm)

This is a striking mid-century travel poster / map of showing the routes of Saben Airlines throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. This vintage lithograph map was created by Claude Dohet in 1950 and printed by Linsino out of Brussels, Belgium.  

The routes delineated in the map show the two main hubs of Sabena to be Brussels with Stanleville (now Kisangani, Democratic Republic of the Congo) with a large number of other destination around and between them. SABENA which is an acronym for Societé Anonyme Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne, ("Belgian Corporation for Air Navigation Services") as the national airline of Belgium from 1923 to 2001, with its base at Brussels National Airport.

The map features scenes of Congolese natives a view of Kano, Nigeria, and a trio of Europeans within the land. Dohet pays homage to the rich history of 17th century map makers from his region by including sailing tall ships, an elaborate compass rose that utilizes Latin directional headings and mountains that stylistically resemble those of Blaeu and Mercator. 

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