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1929 Our Flying Ambassadors and Their Routes

1929 Our Flying Ambassadors and Their Routes

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By: Hammond & Co.
Date: 1929 (published) New York
Original Size: 13 x 23 inches
This is a reproduction of a scarce advertising promotional broadside, showing portraits of Charles Lindbergh, Lt. Lester Maitland, Com. Richard Byrd, William Brock, Eward, Schlee, Clarence Chamberlain, and Lt. Albert Hegenberger, along with an elaborate scene showing early aviation and maps of the various routes taken by early aviators. 
The primary map is a northern polar projection without any color differences between countries and little emphasis given to political borders or topographic detail. The lower map, "Lindbergh's Aerial Tour of Latin America," centers on Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean Sea. In contrast to the polar projection, this map provides extensive topographic information and includes a key in the top right displaying various orange shading for land elevation changes from sea level to 6,000+ feet.
The aviation routes celebrated in this map include the following..
1924-US Army Aviators Circumnavigate The Globe
1926-Overflying the North Pole--Byrd-Bennett Spitzburgen to Teller, Alaska.
1926-Amundsen-Ellsworth-Nobile -- Polar overflight
1927-Charles Lindbergh--New York to Paris
1927 Chamberlin-Levin--Germany to New York
1927 Maitland-Hegenberger--San Francisco to Honolulu
1927 Byrd-Noville-Acosta-Balcheu--New York to Ver-Sur-Mer, France
1927 Brock-Schlee--Newfoundland to Tokyo
1927-28 Lindbergh Pan-American Tour
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