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The Story Map of the West Indies By: Colortext Date: 1936 (Published) Chicago 12 x 15.25 inches

1936 The Story Map of the West Indies

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By: Colortext Publications, Inc.
Date: 1936 (Published) Chicago
Original Size: 13 x 16.25 inches (30.9 cm x 38.7 cm)
This unusually bright, colorful poster map of the West Indies provides, true to its title as a 'Story Map', a marvelous and colorful journey through time, from what we presume are Columbus' famous seafaring trio of ships to later more stately European vessels, including man of war ships, frigates, more modern cruise ships, etc.
The map extends as far north as New York City, which already features some skyscrapers, and as far south as the northeastern territories of South America. A large portion of Central America is represented. Each country, region and city is denoted with a bright figure representing an important aspect of life in that area, including illustrations of indigenous peoples, animals and birds.
The seas are literally alive with creatures of every kind, including people, heretofore mentioned ships of all kinds, seabirds and aircraft are flying aloft and people are diving into or swimming in the sea. Pirates are carrying a treasure chest near the title cartouche, and American Indians are pictured to the west of the Mississippi. Exotic birds and animals abound. The islands of the Indies Archipelago are named and all larger ones have bright figures describing an important feature of their history or industry.
The map is framed by a lovely, creative colorful border reminiscent almost in Art Deco style. It features motifs from each country including flora and fauna, indigenous peoples, agricultural produce and architectural representations.
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